990 Obie Street - Eugene, Oregon 97402       541.485.4505


Mission Statement

With a strong commitment to our clients, we work hard to provide practical and cost-effective design solutions for each and every project.

We understand the importance of project time frames and the need to work closely with regulating governmental agencies and agency personnel.

Having nurtured and developed excellent relationships with state agencies and local governments, we can expediently and effectively provide clients with the design and development of their projects in the manner we envision.



Company Profile

The company originated in Eugene, Oregon in 1974. We are a full-service civil engineering and surveying company specializing in commercial and residential land developement, design of on-site sewer and water facilities, municipal engineering, project management, and all types of topographic and boundary surveys using both total stations and GPS equipment.

  • Commercial and Residential Land Development
  • On-Site Sewer and Water Facilities
  • Municipal Engineering
  • Project Management
  • All Types of Topographic and Boundary Surveys
  • Water Rights

We're proud to maintain extensive in-house research materials including:

  • Survey and Deed Records Dating from mid-1800s
  • Assessor's and Plat Maps for all of Lane County
  • As-Built Records for all City of Eugene Public Improvement projects
  • Up-to-Date Utility Distribution Maps

Our Staff

  • Four Registered Professional Civil Engineers
  • Two Registered Professional Land Surveyors
  • Two Survey Crews with GPS Recievers and state-of-the-art Total Stations
  • Four Experienced Technical Personnel
  • One Full-Time Field Inspector
  • A Competent Office Support Staff

Our professional and technical staff brings over 150 combined years of engineering and survey experience to Poage Engineering and to each client's project. Our collective background of knowledge ensures not only creative and practical solutions and designs but also assures efficient project management for each and every client.